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Cooking the Books - a business model.


The debate about writers’ pay goes on, and it has already raised some interesting points on Twitter and elsewhere, which, while a lot of fun to discuss, sometimes deserve more discussion space than 140 characters allow.

The arguments I keep hearing are as follows:

Writers are only worth what the public thinks they’re worth.

Books are too expensive.

The only writers who don’t make any money are bad writers.

What’s wrong with wanting free books?

Downloading a book without paying for it isn’t the same as taking a book from a shop without paying for it.

This is because books are IDEAS, and you can’t steal an idea.

Why should writers be paid for something they would do anyway?

If only the greedy writers would let the public download their work for free, then they would acquire a fan-base, and fans would eventually pay them (via sites like Kickstarter) to write their books. 


Let’s think about this, shall we? And while we’re thinking about it, let me tell you a story.

(See also the corollary to #3: “If you’re so good / smart, why aren’t you rich?”)