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Cooking the Books - a business model.


The debate about writers’ pay goes on, and it has already raised some interesting points on Twitter and elsewhere, which, while a lot of fun to discuss, sometimes deserve more discussion space than 140 characters allow.

The arguments I keep hearing are as follows:

Writers are only worth what the public thinks they’re worth.

Books are too expensive.

The only writers who don’t make any money are bad writers.

What’s wrong with wanting free books?

Downloading a book without paying for it isn’t the same as taking a book from a shop without paying for it.

This is because books are IDEAS, and you can’t steal an idea.

Why should writers be paid for something they would do anyway?

If only the greedy writers would let the public download their work for free, then they would acquire a fan-base, and fans would eventually pay them (via sites like Kickstarter) to write their books. 


Let’s think about this, shall we? And while we’re thinking about it, let me tell you a story.

(See also the corollary to #3: “If you’re so good / smart, why aren’t you rich?”)

World Cup, literary style

You tried me in my absence. You can shoot me in my absence.

Brendan Behan (after being tried by the post-WWII IRA for repeatedly being jailed for being drunk and disorderly, and thereby “bringing the movement into disrepute”)


Writing is hard. Anyone who says differently ain’t doing it right.

I say differently. So much for me, I guess…


part of my doubt when I read any interesting fandom speculation about the future plot of any show is simply “the writers aren’t thinking this hard about it”

And nine times out of ten you’ll be right.

Okay, logged in and asking this official way for interest. We know that the Lone one can subvert wizards, but in this cannon is there such a thing as a dark wizard where they are only loyal to him, and the oath is the complete opposite? Also - where do *witches* (dig dig, stares), and warlocks and mages and stuff fall in your continuity?


Thanks for asking in here, BTW: while the Disqus comments are useful, relatively speaking, fewer of the interested parties see the responses there than here.

First question: no. There is no “negative” Lone Power-based power structure in this universe. All wizardly power flows from the Powers that Be (or through them, from the One), and they have gone out of their way to specifically deny the LP access to such power. While wizards can indeed be subverted, canon explicitly states that it is impossible for a wizard who’s taken the Oath to willingly work with the LP to do its bidding. There are failsafes built into the system (as it were) so that any wizard attempting this immediately and permanently has wizardry withdrawn from them. (Somebody else asked: have wizards “fallen”? Yes, some have. It’s always tragic. Don’t get me started. [And here comes yet another of the Atlantis stories.] That’s a story for another day.)

(Note to self: we may need a new acronym. “TASFAD.”)

(Adding a cut here, as things are about to get complicated. Under the cut: witches, warlocks, mages and stuff, angels, fallen angels, demigods, werewolves, vampires, zombies, necromancers…)

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The Mob of Scribbling Women (US edition): T-shirts, etc

Per those of you who requested these in notes to the original post / the ask box, etc: Here you go.

I had to change the design just a wee bit so it’d work better on T-shirts, but the basic thought is the same. :) I’ll take a run at the Canadian edition later today.


This can now be found in merch over here:

So knock yourselves out. If you think this item would amuse somebody who’s following you, please feel free to reblog.

(ETA: while working on the shop this morning I accidentally destroyed the old section… so this is a new one, and the URL has therefore been changed. Sorry for the confusion.)


"I am become death, destroyer of worlds"- J. Robert Oppenheimer

Never, ever fall into the fatal error of thinking a writer is safe.
They’re not tame writers, after all.
(see also: “It’s My World And I’ll Destroy It/(You) If I Want To”


"I am become death, destroyer of worlds"

- J. Robert Oppenheimer

Never, ever fall into the fatal error of thinking a writer is safe.

They’re not tame writers, after all.

(see also: “It’s My World And I’ll Destroy It/(You) If I Want To”

i don't even know: Mini rant about Game of Thrones Number 1



So I’ve managed to screw up the courage to start the second book of Game of Thrones, and yes, it’s as bad as the first (so far, at least).

In particular, I took offence to this riddle:

“In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his…

(yeah, go read the whole thing)

…And now wait. Has someone just now discovered that a writer — you know, the kind who spends most of his waking hours inventing entire cultures and worlds for his living — is a bit controlling?

OH DEAR. Whoever would have thought it? … :)

Reblog if you love to write.


Whether it be fanfiction, original stories, drabbles, songs, poems, books, or anything that has to do with creative words, then reblog. Let’s gather all the writers of Tumblr together.

Present as usual.










Oh dear lord…





Mark Gatiss is my favourite human being omg.


Aww, he’s so adorable! It’s strange, I’ve done the exact same thing! (Without the knickers part)… Aww, I can’t get over how cute he is…

(wry look) Writer emo. You can’t beat it. :)

Reblog if you love to write.


Whether it be fanfiction, original stories, drabbles, songs, poems, books, or anything that has to do with creative words, then reblog. Let’s gather all the writers of Tumblr together.


Anthony Horowitz: Do we still need publishers? |


I think we do still need publishers, and I’m certain they will survive the great ‘digital-divide’.

… and so does author Anthony Horowitz.

It’s been almost 600 years since Johannes Gutenberg produced the first printed books, and although Ars Minor, the excellent Latin primer by Aelius Donatus, has now dropped out of the bestseller lists, I like being part of that tradition.

I agree wholeheartedly with that assessment.

Over the past ten or so years, publishing technology has come to insist upon referring to writers and authors as content providers.

A recent description of a cloud-based publishing system led off with; ‘Our platform provides the framework to encapsulate and format the content providers….’  

Needless say, I failed to read much past that for fear of a sudden urgency of need for a very stiff drink.

Mr. Horowitz makes the point clearly.

I don’t like being what Apple calls “talent”. I’m an author. And I write books, not “content”.

He goes on to quote one of his, and my own favourite authors, George Orwell, who said:

All writers are vain, selfish and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery. Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon which one can neither resist nor understand…

And concludes;

I think that’s very true, but I think it’s also true of publishers.

Are we in intensive care? I don’t know. But if we are, I’m strangely relieved that we’re there together.


…and please, Dear Reader, I urge you to follow the link and read the whole of the quoted authors opinion.

The Orwell quote is particularly to the point.