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Favorite Trope Moments: in the “You Said You Needed To Stop In At [Gieves & Hawkes][Marks & Spencer] This Week Anyway” Department

And the winner for this trope (elegantly invoking the “Less Is More” concept) is…

At last John has given up his fitful worrying and oh, now, this is surprising, John is surprising.

Which is exactly why he’s the only person Sherlock wants to touch him.

They are going to need to have a talk later about buttons, though. John should really be civilised enough to actually work buttons, even in a hurry. This is just wanton destruction of a really good shirt.

The trousers, perhaps, can be saved.

…No, perhaps not.



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30 Day OTP Porn Challenge 25: Shower sex

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The sheer amount of booty in this one should be illegal.

But the simple tenderness in the eighth and ninth panels is delightful. Reapersun has had great things going on all through this. (And funny ones, as usual.)

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Sherlock Fix-It Fics: A Possible Gold Standard


There are many people who are dissatisfied with Sherlock S3, as anyone knows who’s not been living under a rock somewhere in Valles Marineris. In this context (not from this context of course, but now a lot more visible as a result) arises the phenomenon of the “Fix-It Fic”: fanfic that purports to explain more rationally or help make sense of something that we’ve all seen and by which many of us have been left emotionally or otherwise flummoxed.

Just now one of these has completed that I’ve been watching with increasing admiration over recent days/weeks, because it is simply the damndest thing I’ve ever seen in this regard. It makes sense of S3, and most particularly “His Last Vow”, and it does it backwards.


I am stunned and delighted and in awe. God but this is an amazing and ambitious and audacious thing: a genuine tour de force. (Not least because the reasoning is excellently sound and the characterizations are all in good order.) PlaidAdder, whoever and wherever you may be, I salute you. I haven’t seen anything like this since Will Kempe who Morris-danced from London to Norwich. (He was going to do it from London to Jerusalem, but the finance fell through. Damn all non-performing co-production partners.) 

Here it is. Think season 3 needs fixing? Go read this and see how it works for you.

Law Like Love: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1244686?view_full_work=true