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Stargate SG-1 Christopher Judge (Teal’c), a george takei shirt and a dalek. yep.


A Haiku written by Col. Jack O’Neill:

Daniel don’t touch that
Daniel alien tech is-

Collapsed laughing over the desk now.  :)

Yep. :)





I just sat here giggling at the thought of Jack O’Neill ending up in an alternate universe where Thor is the Marvel movie!verse version - and they still get on like a house on fire because it doesn’t matter what universe you put him in, Jack O’Neill will always get along with Thor. (Kissing optional.)

It takes a LOT to make me almost spray my tea at the monitor.

The thought of Jack smooching Avengers!Thor did it. …Though only when considering what the lead-in dialogue would sound like. (Because obviously Thor would be fine with it.)

…Somebody else can write that dialogue. I’ve got business at the Crossings and I have to finish giggling before I can get on with it.

(Oh God, the inevitable echo in the back of the brain: “We can’t giggle, we’re at a crime scene! Stop it!” …Dammit, you boys get out of there!!)

(sigh) Oy. “When Universes Collide.” Welcome to my workplace.