(via The web’s best crumpet recipe, for that perfect English teatime treat | European Cuisines)

This essentially English comfort food has been around for at least a few hundred years, though the actual timing is a little uncertain…

Over that time, the crumpet has gathered to itself a whole spectrum of meanings and associations in British culture: coziness, warmth, home and hearthside, the tea table loaded down with nice things… because where crumpets are, tea is usually not far behind. Toasted on one side under the grill or in the toaster or toaster oven, slathered with butter that seeps into all those lovely little holes… a crumpet is something special.

(Harry Potter readers, take note: where the US editions of the earlier HP books say “English muffin”, they really mean crumpet. The US editors, then nervous about introducing too many British cultural references, substituted the closest North American breakfast breadstuff they could find — but the texture and flavor of the crumpet are completely different from those of the English muffin…)

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