Above: “You Missed”

The happy cat who, when he was half a field away and you called him, would sprint to you like a greyhound. The greedy cat who swallowed a dead coot whole and for two days thereafter (until he digested it and the mineral oil dealt with the remainder) walked around on his tiptoes like something out of a Chuck Jones cartoon. The sensitive cat who needed SPF 50 sunblock put on his ears because he had no fur there.

The resigned/reflective cat who muttered. The acquisitive cat from whom nothing left on the kitchen counter was safe. The cheerfully obstructive cat who knew that, no matter what you were looking at on the monitor, you needed to look at him more (and ideally, at his butt). The cool cat who hung out.

Goodman the Cat, 1997-2013: good journey, cousin. See you around.