Just to let people know: the second (and last) of my collections of short fiction, Midnight Snack and Other Fairy Tales, is now available at the Ebooks Direct store. It contains fantasy and ghost stories that have appeared in other anthologies, and a couple that have never appeared anywhere, as well as the complete text of a feature screenplay. 

The stories in the collection include:

First Readthrough: How you do the casting for a fairy tale… and what can go wrong while you do.

The Dovrefell Cat: Your pet polar bear may sometimes be a problem, but there’s one night of the year when he shines.

…Under My Skin: Some first dates just don’t work out the way you think they will: not at all.

A Swiss Story: Lots of people from that part of the world have something from “during the War”. But not many like this…

Blank Check: A most unusual client turns up at one of the world’s oldest banks with an impossible request… which nonetheless must be fulfilled.

Don’t Put That In Your Mouth, You Don’t Know Where It’s Been: A worshipper of the Triple Goddess has her upcountry ritual disturbed by an extremely unusual visitor.

The House: A school project examining gingerbread as a structural element turns into something way more personal.

Cold Case: A cop who won’t take no for an answer meets a murder victim who’s even more stubborn than he is.

The title work, Midnight Snack: “Dad came down with the flu that week, so I had to go down to the subway and feed the unicorns…”

And completing the collection, the full-length screenplay for Dead & Breakfast: a ghost story with computers.

As always, this ebook is DRM-free and (for the same price) is available as an all-format bundle containing all the types of ebook format we offer, because we don’t see why those of you who read a single work across multiple devices should have to buy the same book more than once.