News from Discworld 2012

Okay, folks: the word is out.

The new Discworld series “The Watch” (AKA CSI:Ankh-Morpork) has been approved by Terry Pratchett and will go into production with BBC Worldwide.

The project to film GOOD OMENS is also going forward. A “mood reel” of images evocative of the story was put together by the production company and was shown as part of the announcement. (This was commonly being referred to at the convention as “the trailer”, though it wasn’t a trailer as such: it is way too early for there to be a trailer in the conventional sense, as no script material has been written, and therefore the’s no way for there to be genuine footage or any information about casting, etc. No release date was specified. The mood reel video said “COMING SOON”, so your guess as to when is as good as anybody’s.)

Meanwhile, let joy be unrestrained!

(PS: Terry is in excellent fettle. Had a long chat with him last night and the Master is still very, very much in the building, in case anyone was wondering.)